About me

Creative tech enthusiast capable of producing branding materials across mediums. 2D, 3D, animated and still graphic creation. Self-study marketing and bias psychology, as well as Japanese and French for the last 1,500+ days in a row. I’m looking for an opportunity to prove I can put my knowledge into practice.


Program languages: HTML, CSS, PHP You’re looking at it. I wrote and designed this site to push the limits of free web hosting. WordPress is only used as a CMS, its theme’s logic is all me! JavaScript From small parts of this site to writing expressions on Adobe After Effects. I have also briefly worked with Lua, C++ and Java

Mediums: Graphic design, motion graphics, VFX, 3D modelling, DSLR operating and video editing.

Programs: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After effects, Blender, Autodesk Meshmixer, Ultimaker Cura, Windows 3D Builder


Art and Design, Marlowe AcademyDouble distinction merit A LevelsJune 2014
Graphic design, Marlowe AcademyGCSE level 2 July 2011
ICT, Marlowe AcademyGCSE passJune 2011
Mathematics, Marlowe AcademyGCSE BFebruary 2011
Science, Marlowe AcademyGCSE A
Chemistry applications
Physical science applications
Biological systems 6.0 level 2 Grade Distinction
June 2011

An Introduction to Coding and Design

Computer Programming for Everyone University of Leeds

Learn to Code for the Web University of Leeds

Creating a Great User Experience for Mobile Apps University of Leeds

Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence Accenture

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing Accenture

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills The Skills Network


United Kingdom Flag


I speak proper Queen’s English init mate? But seriously, my vernacular is a cornucopia of lexemes!

From Shakespearian classics to Steven Pinker’s writing guides, I would like to think I’m well-educated in my native tongue.

Japan Flag

Japanese / 日本語

As you could expect from the hardest language for English speakers, there’s quite a barrier to entry.

71 / 71 100%
112 / 112 100%
796 / 1,757 45.3%
France Flag

French / Le français

While I can’t wax philosophical over the economic history of wine, I can at least hold my own in a baguette duel.
I managed to get by with all the social situations I encountered in France. In CEFR terms, my vocabulary is B1 and my grammar is A2


Minimalist painting designer

  • Converting images to convey the most detail with the least colours possible. 
  • Making stylistic decisions by selectively applying luminosity filters.
  • Worked to specifications and needs of clients

Mental health charity website design and maintenance

  • Site graphic design
  • Practical implementation of design
  • UI/UX

Apprentice Architect

  • Specialist computer software training
  • Produced models as samples of architectural projects
  • Learning architectural design history
  • Recreating and drawing designs

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If you have any enquiries or opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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