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Helping you get your browser to the standards of the modern web!

Firefox & Chrome (and their mobile versions)

These are my main testing/real-world browsers. They are such a standard that you should have near perfect support everywhere on the web. Enjoy your fully featured and perfectly functional website experience! Don’t confuse this with saying they’re equal; Firefox is leaps and bounds ahead. Even this site takes advantage of this (better boarder-image support, custom li, etc). It’s just not going to be anything necessary when around 70% of active web browsers are running Chrome.

Internet Explorer

It should be just about functional for most users. The harsh reality is that site developers see you as the single thing holding back the web. Me less so as I’m not doing anything too special on this site, but they have a point. IE doesn’t auto update so people use lots of completely different versions with unfixed bugs.

I would highly recommend upgrading. Both Firefox and Chrome are fine choices but as the average Internet Explorer user isn’t going to be tech savvy Crome is likely the better option. If you are on Internet Explorer due to a lack of computer hardware (for instance having low memory) then Firefox with its incredible efficiency is the way to go.

Microsoft Edge

Congrats on your cutting “edge” browser technology whose render engine is boosted about. Now when is it going support the basic render functionality of 2006 Internet Explorer? Luckily for you not only can this change but you can help!

Edge’s saving grace over Internet Explorer is that it’s updated and you can show support for features to add. The main ones I would recommend both for this site and the general web are “image-rendering” (vote here) and blend modes (vote here and here)

This will include more browsers and info in the future.

Other notes

I currently lack most vendor prefixes (some browsers require you to repeat code instructions with different names) that I can hopefully live without. This is mostly design stuff like shadows, animations and rounded edges. No modern browser should reject core content like text, images and video.

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