Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ means “frequently asked questions” and/or “facts, answers, questions”)

You have a website?

I will assume that’s a rhetorical question. It should be a bit surprising since even big internet personalities tend to lack their own personal cyber space.

What do you do?

I find it quite hard to describe since it’s a bit of many professions. The best way I have found to put it so far is comedic video game reviews. There should be a decent introduction on my homepage and I’m working on adding a video soon.

The 90s called. They want their site back.

Not a question, but there is truth in the statement. Since I have a free host, I expect 90’s AOL dial-up speeds and so I use old fashioned site size-reducing techniques like tile backgrounds. At least it fits a retro game art style.

How do I best contact you?

Probably YouTube as it’s my main platform but I should also be notified of twitter and minds messages.

I found a bug/exploit/mistake/etc on the site!

Great! The more you find, the more I can fix. Please private message me the relevant information on one of the platforms listed on the last question and thanks in advance.

Privacy & advertising policy/cookies/legal stuff?

I care a lot about things like advertising standards (if that wasn’t obvious with the “Clearly Disclosed Advertising”) so if you’re interested then I recommend checking the footer bar menu just below this.

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Clearly Disclosed Advertisement
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